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The DTM regulations for the new season have been finalised

Motorsports: DTM Test HockenheimJust before the season opener at Hockenheim (5-7 May, 2017), the DTM commission has made the final decisions and finalised the sporting regulations.

To enhance the sporting competition, the focus is on the individual performance of a driver. « In the DTM, we want to put the sport into the centre of the attention. The DTM has an outstanding and strong field of drivers and the fans want to experience this performance in the races », says Gerhard Berger, chairman of the ITR.

From this year on, radio communication will be considerably limited. During the race, transmitting information from the pits to the driver is forbidden. Thus, the driver has to take considerably more responsibility and make decisions himself. Pit-to-car communication is limited to the classic pit board on the main straight. The ban on radio communication only is lifted in very few exceptional situations: when the DTM car is in the pit lane, yellow flags are being waved or during a safety car intervention. In these cases, safety-related instructions may be given.

Indianapolis-style restarts in double-file grid formation will create additional excitement after the neutralisation of a race by means of a safety car intervention. Thus, commitment from the driver is required after the restart for the direct duel with his opponents.

The tactical skills of the driver, who now has to race without radio instructions, also become apparent by the significant limitation of the drag reduction system (DRS). In all the races, the use of DRS is limited to 12 laps (a total of 36 activations). Like before, the gap to the driver in front at the start and finish line has to be within one second.

Qualifying becomes considerably more significant. Points are now awarded for first to third place: three points for pole position, two points for second place on the grid and one championship point for third place on the grid. Thus, the challenge for the driver of achieving a perfect lap in qualifying is rewarded more than before. The manufacturers and the teams, meanwhile, have to find the best possible set-up that works for both the full race distance and a fast lap in qualifying.

The performance weight system remains largely unchanged. The allocation remains based on the qualifying results. The basic weight of the new DTM cars has been fixed at 1,125 kg. In steps of 2,5 kg, a maximum of 15 kg can be added or a maximum of 30 kg can be taken out.

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