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BOB133201-600x400Noah Stutz (20), the youngest Top Fuel Dragster driver in the world drove his first ever NHRA Top Fuel race in Las Vegas in november, where he set the second fastest lap posted by an european over 1000 ft. (330m) and left a good impression by doing so.

You recently came back to Switzerland. How was your impression being in the USA for the first time and starting in the world’s highest series?

Noah Stutz: It was incredible.
It’s quite a big difference when you get out of your car and instantly have to give an interview on ESPN with more than a million spectators. It’s something I’ve never known before.

What was the main difference between Europe and the USA?

Noah Stutz: Definately the dimensions at the track. The huge amount of people in the paddock inbetween the teams and fans where people try to get their autograph and a foto with the drivers. The fans love the sport and you can tell how professional everything is organised there.

How did the top stars of the dragster scene react to you?

Noah Stutz: Everybody was very friendly and warmly welcomed me and gave me advice. I think they were happy even though I’m actually another opponent for them. But everybody was very nice.

What are your plans and goals for 2015?

Noah Stutz: Actually a whole season is planned. That are 24 races from february until november across America. We’re still negociating with the teams trying to grab a very wanted Top Fuel seat for the season.

How do you prepare for next season?

Noah Stutz: After the season is before the season. Together with my team and environment we work hard to set up a good package with sponsors and investors during the short time between the racing season.

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